Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The four core values of the Metropolitan Police Department are service, integrity, leadership and fair treatment to all. When people hear “police department” and “service” they automatically assume that it simply means serving the people of St. Louis by making every possible effort to prevent or solve crime. However there is another kind of service that our officers are dedicated to as well and the actions of our employees over the last two weeks prove it.

The department participated once again in the Warners’ Warm Up—a coat drive sponsored by former St. Louis Ram Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda. Many of us may take for granted the fact that we have coats to keep us warm, but there are many men, women and children throughout our area whose Christmas wish list isn’t filled with luxury items but with basic necessities like winter coats. In this difficult economy where many people have lost their jobs unexpectedly, I’m sure some of those who are now struggling to make ends meet are those who never imagined they would be in this situation.

I’m proud to announce that yesterday we delivered 20 bags filled with coats to the Warners’ Warm-Up, held in partnership with Operation Food Search. Those coats will now go to those who need them most. Once again, our officers and civilian employees have shown their commitment to the community. This is the kind of service that goes to the heart of our core values.