Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We’re Opening Our Doors—Come on In!

After a four-year hiatus, the Citizens Academy is back! The Citizens Academy is a ten-week interactive course held at the Police Academy where you will learn about every aspect of the Metropolitan Police Department. Police Officers teach the course where one night a week for three hours, you’ll hear our history, learn our theories on community policing, about see the sophisticated systems we use to predict and respond to crime. You’ll also hear directly from the Police Officers assigned to special investigative units like Bomb & Arson, Homicide and CyberCrimes. Don’t worry--you won’t be sitting in a classroom simply listening to lectures. I wanted this course to be hands-on and it will be. You’ll take a spin in our driving simulator, participate in a simulation at the shooting range and see a few areas inside headquarters that are normally off-limits. My goal for this program is to build even stronger relationships with you—the citizens we serve. I think knowledge is power and you will graduate from this course with a great deal of knowledge about how the Metropolitan Police Department works, what a typical day is like for an Officer and how you can help us as we work to protect and serve the community. For more information about the Citizens Academy, email citizensacademy@slmpd.org. The 2009 class starts September 16th. I’ll see you there.