Friday, February 20, 2009

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! (Safely, of course…)

One day and counting until St. Louis’ biggest party of the year—Mardi Gras.

The beads are flying off the shelves at local stores, bar owners are stocking up for capacity crowds, and police officers are preparing to keep it all under control. That’s where you come in.

We certainly want everyone to have a good time. After all, there are definitely better ways to spend Mardi Gras than in handcuffs! So to make sure your Mardi Gras is fun, safe and memorable for all of the right reasons, here’s your roadmap.

1) Park where it’s legal. Remember, the parade route on 7th Street is off-limits. So is the “red zone”—bordered by Gravois, Marion, Broadway and Shenandoah. Soulard residents are allowed to park in the “yellow zone” if they have the proper documents displayed in their vehicle. Anyone else parked in the yellow zone is subject to being ticketed or towed. The yellow zone is bordered by Lynch, Interstate 55, Shenandoah and 7th Street.

2) The portable toilets are there for a reason. If you’re caught in the act of…well…not using the portable toilets, you’ll be subject to arrest.

3) Anyone engaging in lewd or indecent conduct is also subject to arrest. Leave the Mardi Gras flashing to the movies.

4) If you’re not 21, skip the liquor. Officers will be on the lookout for underage drinkers.

The men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department will be out in full force on Saturday. We certainly don’t want to ruin the party, but we do want to make sure this huge event, runs as smoothly as possible.

So let the good times roll! But please make sure the good times don’t turn into a bad story involving a court date!